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The Unfolding Mystery

Tags: Inspiration, Spirit

June 10, 2010 22:44

I had the chance to visit one of my good friends today. I wanted to talk with him a bit before I went on retreat, to seek some guidance about what I should focus on. We spent some time talking about several of the key things that have been going on with me over the last few months. Nothing bad, mostly good.As I finished up filling him in, he said the image he got was a kind of unfolding of a...

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Sacred Feasts

Tags: Blogging, Body, Inspiration, Mind, Spirit, Vegetarian

June 08, 2010 14:12

(Assisi, 2007)

In his cookbook, Sacred Feasts, Brother Victor-AntioneD'Avila-Latourrette (what a name for a monk)wrote that he hopedhisreaders woulddiscover anaffinity for the monastic (vegetarian) approach to cooking. Brother Victor (much better ;))wrote ,
this style of cooking is characterized by simplicity, tastefulness and resilientfrugality. It's also imbued withthe innumerable joys and ways...

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Who I Am Makes A Difference

Tags: Inspiration

June 02, 2010 16:55

This morning, my sister emailed me about this powerful video. For some of you reading this blog, it will have deep meaning. Mother Theresa used to say that we didn't need to do great things, just little things with great love. The video speaks for itself....[youtube=]

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Todd Burrier

Tags: Body, Inspiration, Mind, Nutritional-supplements

June 01, 2010 06:16

Todd Burier is a friend of mine and he works hard at helping people live healthier and happier lives. He does this as a motivational speaker and wellness expert. The other day, he sent me a really inspirational email, and I asked him for permission to share it with you. He said yes and you can read it below. Todd has two websites at the bottom of his email. Take a minute and check them out.


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Biggest Loser

Tags: Body, Inspiration, Mind, Spirit

May 27, 2010 21:23

The other night, I happened to catch the season finale of The Biggest Loser. I'm usually at work when the show is on, but I saw it for the first time during one of our big snow storms. I guess that was towards the beginning of the season.Having recently undergone my own weight loss journey, I was amazed at the exercise routine of these very obese people. Without a doubt, they had to have the...

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Why Can’t We Stop It?

Tags: Inspiration, Mind, Prayer

May 18, 2010 19:21

I generally try to stay out of politics. Everyone has an opinion, and they're entitled to them. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that things are in a real mess, with no end in sight.But, for the life of me, I simply can't understand how the politicians can't get their act together and resolve this oil spill in the Gulf Coast. At this point, weeks after it began, who really cares...

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