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Balancing Act

Tags: Body, Ignatian-spirituality, Inspiration, Spirit, Type-ii-diabetes, Vegan, Vegetarian

July 24, 2010 14:11

Do you ever feel like this donkey? You're plugging away, doing the best you can to keep your balance, and then...It seems like life is just one big balancing act. Whether it's trying to balance work and family, good eating and unhealthy eating, exercising too much and not exercising at all, watching your spending and putting everything on a credit card. Whatever the situation may be for you, I...

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Good Things Are Happening

Tags: Blogging, Diabetes, Inspiration, Type-ii-diabetes

July 22, 2010 15:25

I feel like I've been on a crazy amusement park ride the past week, one with plenty of fun but lots of twists and turns. I'm ready for a little r and r, and hopefully things will settle down a bit. I have a lot of things to catch up on.A couple of days ago, I met with some local healthcare folks, and they loved the idea of an outreach linking faith communities to diabetes education. I could...

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Why Me?

Tags: Inspiration, Mind

July 21, 2010 07:54

Sometimes things seem so unfair. How many times have we asked, "why me?" when faced with even the smallest things that come our way? The reality is, there's plenty of people who have it far worse than us. We can either choose to be bitter and angry about our issues, or we can attempt to overcome them. Check out this video clip about Nick Vujicic, who has turned what would appear to be an...

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Faith Fights Diabetes

Tags: Diabetes, Inspiration, Type-ii-diabetes

July 20, 2010 13:10

Faith Fights Diabetes. According to the ad, if faith communities got involved with helping people better understand diabetes, many more people would be able to either avoid getting the disease, or they would be better equipped to deal with it.Of course, the ad piqued my curiosity, and when I got back from the retreat, I jumped on my computer and learned all I could about this organization....

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Thanks Mom

Tags: Gardening, Inspiration

July 19, 2010 05:46

Today is my mother's birthday. She wouldn't be happy with me if I told you how old she was, so I better not. She's an amazing woman, and has always been an inspiration to me.When she retired, she transformed herself. She took college courses,expanded her garden, bought a new computer, took on the world-wide web, and began serving in her community. I could go on and on, but let's just say she's...

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Tags: Inspiration, Mind, Prayer

July 18, 2010 18:18

A young friend of mine called me late last night. He grew up here in Westminster, but moved out-of-state a few years ago. We keep in touch and talk about once a month.He wanted to talk because he had gotten himself into a very tough situation due to some poor choices he'd made.Mainly, he was mad at himself. Not even twenty-one yet, he'll be affected by the decision he made for the rest of his...

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You Have To Be Yourself

Tags: Blogging, Inspiration, Mind

July 17, 2010 14:37

I Write Like. I think the site got over 100,000 hits the other day.Here's how it works. Simply past a few paragraphs of something you've written and best exemplify your writing style into a text box, and within seconds you'll find out who you write like. Now, it's not an exact science, since the inventor only uploaded works by fifty famous authors, three books each.Margaret Atwood, a...

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Have A Plan

Tags: Inspiration, Mind

July 14, 2010 17:34

For the past few weeks, my staff and I have been planning for the upcoming school year, which for us begins at the end of September. It's tedious work and we want to get it right, since our plans effect well over a thousand people. In the end, some hard work now will greatly improve our chances at having another wonderful year.If you've been following my blog for awhile, I think you've also...

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