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Goodbye 2013

Tags: Ignatian-spirituality, Inspiration, Prayer

December 31, 2013 22:06

sunhouseAs we wait out the last few hours of 2013, it's hard not to pause and think about all the changes that have taken place over the last 365 days.It's been a year of joy, and excitement. Lot's of good memories and hopes fulfilled.It's also been a year of sadness, of loss, and unrealized dreams.

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Three Men = Big Impact

Tags: Catholic-church, Ignatian-spirituality, Inspiration, Prayer

December 19, 2013 17:16

guymYesterday was an amazing day for me. It was amazing because of encounters I had with three amazing men who have made big impacts on the people around them.In the afternoon, I met up with a friend and we went to visit an elderly priest who now lives in an assisted living facility. My friend and I got to know this priest many years ago, and he provided us and countless others with great spiritual...

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Winter Has Come

Tags: Inspiration, Prayer

December 15, 2013 10:13

charlieWinter doesn't officially start until next Saturday, but in my neck of the woods, it came in with gusto last weekend. The snow started Sunday morning, and within a few hours, everything was covered, including the roads. What a mess, albeit a pretty one.

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T. L. R.

Tags: Blogging, Ignatian-spirituality, Inspiration, Prayer

November 10, 2013 15:10

TreI have two beautiful dogwoods in my backyard (no, this isn't them), and this fall the leaves turned a wonderful butterscotch color. Just gorgeous.Well, as each day rolled into the next, I kept saying to myself that I had to go out and take some photos to share with you.

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Mealtime Gratitude

Tags: Ignatian-spirituality, Inspiration, Nutrition, Prayer

September 21, 2013 15:22

chickpeaAt the beginning of my Ignatian Retreat last weekend, I received a folder which included an outline of the retreat and a tip sheet on how to get the most out of our silent time together.I know from personal experience that silence during meals, when everyone is sitting together, can be a big challenge. It's hard not to ask the person sitting across from you how they are doing, or to pass the...

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Finding God

Tags: Catholic-church, Ignatian-spirituality, Inspiration, Prayer

September 16, 2013 08:16

loyolabeachI had the chance to get away for a retreat this weekend, and ended up at

Loyola on the Potomac, a retreat house I had heard about for years but never visited.

The theme of the retreat wasRivers of Living Water, which was perfectly suited for the location of this center, which is in Southern Maryland and sits above the Potomac River. What a peaceful place!

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Tags: Catholic-church, Ignatian-spirituality, Prayer, Travel

August 23, 2013 07:39

monasteryWay back in March, I read an article in the Los Angeles Times about retreats. The focus was on helping people find retreat experiences where they could get away from everything, have some quiet time, and get recharged.What surprised and saddened me was the fact that there wasn't a single reference to Christianity or Christian retreat centers.Of course, I'm biased in this direction, and I also...

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St. Ignatius

Tags: Catholic-church, Ignatian-spirituality, Prayer

July 31, 2013 16:31

ignatius-loyolaToday, July 31st, is the Feast Day of St. Ignatius, who went home to God on this day in 1556.There' are other sections of this blog that go into great detail about this man, the religious order he founded, and his legacy of the Spiritual Exercises.I came to know St. Ignatius several years ago through the kindness of a Jesuit priest who gave me some books on the life of this Saint.

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31 Days With St. Ignatius

Tags: Blogging, Catholic-church, Ignatian-spirituality, Inspiration, Prayer

July 01, 2013 14:19

31Days-with-Saint-Ignatius-headerEach July, Loyola Press offers a daily post on some aspect of Ignatian Spirituality, which as you may know, is near and dear to my heart. Last year, I was a bit delayed in getting the word out, but not this year...I hope you'll check out their site, not only today, but every day leading to Ignatius' Feast day, which is July 31st. I think you'll be glad you did!

:) Happy July :)

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Do You Trust This Much?

Tags: Inspiration, Mind, Prayer

June 29, 2013 20:22

walendLast Sunday night, I was glued to my t.v. screen, a rare occurrence for me.Nik Wallenda was walking a tightrope across the Little Colorado River Gorge. Maybe you saw it too.

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