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Stuffed Peppers

Tags: Appetizers, Main-course, Soup-on-saturday, Soups-and-stews, Vegetarian

July 07, 2012 20:31

I got to the Farmer's Market late today, and there were slim pickens. Swiss Chard must be plentifully growing on everyone's farm/plot, since the tables were laden with it. There was even a swiss chard cooking demonstration going on at one booth. It was too crowded for me, but I could hear the chef say something about adding a splash of either red wine or balsamic vinegar just before serving....

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Pea and Shallot Crostini

Tags: Appetizers, Soup-on-saturday, Soups-and-stews, Vegetarian

June 16, 2012 15:34

I've been waiting to post this recipe until I could find fresh peas at my local Farmer's Market, and today was the day.Maybe I've just come too late to get them, but I've been to the market each week for the last month, and no luck.Since my mom has been cooking out of Frances Mayes' book The Tuscan SunCookbook which I got her for Mother's Day, she's been raving about the recipes she's tried....

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Olive Oil

Tags: Italy, Main-course, Nutrition, Soup-on-saturday, Soups-and-stews

May 30, 2012 08:00

Ah, olive oil. Years ago, I took a group of young people over to Italy. For months afterwards, a group of them and I would sit around doing a Bible study, all the while dipping pieces of bread into a mixture of extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Heavenly.Over the years, I've grown to love olive oil, and have tried many different types.

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Spanish Lentils and Rice

Tags: Main-course, Soup-on-saturday, Soups-and-stews, Vegetarian

April 28, 2012 07:12

I'm sorry its been so long since I've posted one of my Saturday recipes. :(Well, all we can do is go forward, right? Anyone who reads Making All Things New on a regular basis knows how much I depend on lentils for a tasty and inexpensive source of protein in my daily diet.

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Leek and Potato Soup

Tags: Main-course, Soup-on-saturday, Soups-and-stews, Vegetarian

March 17, 2012 06:31

Happy St. Patrick's Day! I took my first overseas trip when I was eleven. My mom and I traveled to Ireland with a friend of hers. It was an adventure in many ways, and that trip got me hooked on travel.Sadly, I haven't been back to this country of my ancestors, but I hope I'll be able to return one day in the not too distant future. It's a beautiful country with wonderful people. Today's soup,...

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Tortellini Soup

Tags: Main-course, Soup-on-saturday, Soups-and-stews, Vegetarian

March 10, 2012 07:30

Each Lent, my staff and I host a dinner for our many volunteers. It used to be a pot luck, but we decided to make it a soup and salad night, making it fit a bit better with the austerity of this penitential season.This year, I made both a lentil soup and a tortellini soup. They went over very well, and now I thought it was time to share this recipe with you. Super simple, you could quickly make...

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Lentil Vegetable Stew

Tags: Main-course, Soup-on-saturday, Soups-and-stews, Vegetarian

February 25, 2012 15:32

Hi folks, sorry for posting absence. I've been so busy with many things, and my blogging has suffered :(I hope you'll be patient with me as I try and catch up. Once again I'm turning to the simple lentil for a terrific soup, made even better by the addition of a bit of lemon juice.I don't know about you, but there's something about the vibrancy of lemons that remind me of the summer sunshine....

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Vegetarian Country Stew

Tags: Main-course, Soup-on-saturday, Soups-and-stews, Vegetarian

January 28, 2012 11:00

Although it felt a bit like spring in my neck of the woods today, winter is still with us. In fact, I've always found February to be the coldest, snowiest, and dreary month.I was trying to find a hearty soup to cook and then freeze up for one of those snowy days that are sure to be coming soon, and I thought this recipe, which includes a good portion of super healthy butternut squash, would be...

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Split Pea Soup

Tags: Soup-on-saturday, Soups-and-stews, Vegetarian

January 14, 2012 11:59

I've been under the weather with a bug for the past few days, and haven't been able to eat much.Today, I'm starting to come around and wanted to make some soup. For some reason, I was craving split pea soup, and the results were tasty.This is an easy recipe, and with the cold weather most of us are experiencing these days, it might just do the trick. Be sure to through in some croutons just...

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Vegetable Broth

Tags: Soup-on-saturday, Soups-and-stews, Vegetarian

January 07, 2012 15:34

One of the staples in my pantry is good quality vegetable broth. Most of the time, I am too rushed to prepare my own, so I usually settle for Trader Joe's Vegetable Broth, which comes in a low sodium variety.Paying attention to the sodium content in any store bought broth or soup is very important, because almost all of them have way too much.As we move into the New Year, I thought I would post...

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