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Carbs Gone Wild- How To Tame Stress Eating

Tags: Diabetes, Inspiration, Nutrition, Nutritional-supplements, Personal-development, Type-ii-diabetes

January 10, 2012 05:38

I had the chance to attend a wellness seminar last night led by Dr. Laura Ruby. Dr. Laura works primarily with women to help them understand the relationship between chronic symptoms and core nutritional imbalances, environmental factors and poor lifestyle choices.I was one of the few guys there to hear what she had to say, and I left impressed with what I heard. When I got home, I jumped on to...

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Life Is More Than Food

Tags: Ignatian-spirituality, Inspiration, Nutrition

October 12, 2011 20:01

I met with a friend today for a little spiritual direction. Actually, he's going to meet with me each week from now until Christmas.As homework and for my prayer, he gave me three Scripture passages: 1 Corinthians 13 (love), 2 Corinthians 4:8-11 (stress), and Matthew 6:25-33). Of the three, the passage from Matthew had the most meaning for me.

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Taking Time For Yourself

Tags: Ignatian-spirituality, Inspiration, Nutrition, Personal-development, Prayer

September 05, 2011 18:23

I don't know about you, but I really needed this three-day weekend. On Friday, I wasn't feeling well and went to the doctor. After some tests, I found out I had a virus and was going to be sick for a while.I had some vacation plans, and they went right out the window. I realized that if I was going to get better quickly, I needed to take it easy. I don't know about you, but taking it easy...

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Lentil and Celery Heart Salad

Tags: Main-course, Nutrition, Soup-on-saturday, Vegetarian

June 12, 2011 02:00

OK, friends, it's about 100 degrees where I am today, and it's just too darn hot to think about making soup. So, as we move into the summer months, Soup on Saturdays may sometimes have something other than soup. Forgive me in advance, but I don't want to change the catchy page title. :)Just a reminder, lentils are highly nutritional, and you get the added benefit of a healthy dose of vegetarian...

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Why We Need Calcium

Tags: Fitness, Nutrition, Nutritional-supplements

June 11, 2011 02:00

Here's another guest post from my friend Todd Burrier, who is always looking for ways to support people's good health. He blogs at Todd's post below is a reminder that learning all the facts about nutrition and not just going with what the marketers tell us is critical to our long-term health.

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Life Happens To Everyone

Tags: Blogging, Body, Fitness, Inspiration, Mind, Nutrition, Personal-development

May 12, 2011 05:59

Editor's Note: This is a guest post from Todd Burrier of
I realize that because I blog on topics related to living a better life, and with a positive perspective, that I could easily be seen as someone who is either wearing rose-colored glasses all the time or just doesn’t have to deal with anything difficult.Nothing could be further from the truth. I admit that my glasses are...

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Don't Let Temporary Setbacks Keep You Down

Tags: Fitness, Inspiration, Nutrition, Personal-development

May 03, 2011 06:25

It happens to everyone. We're going along fine, achieving our goals, fulfilling our commitments, and life is good. But then, an unexpected expense, an illness, a major disappointment,or some type of loss occurs, and we may get the impression that we're right back to square one. And if we are, so what?

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Take Back Control

Tags: Diabetes, Nutrition, Type-ii-diabetes

April 04, 2011 06:56

One of my friends is getting ready to become a pharmacist :) She is one of my subscribers, and I'm always grateful for her insights. I asked her to fill us in a bit about the various medicines used in treating diabetes.As you know, this chronic disease has reached epidemic proportions here in the United States, as well as most other developed countries. Taking control of your health is one of...

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Roasted Red Pepper Pita Pizza

Tags: Appetizers, Nutrition, Vegetarian

March 24, 2011 20:04

This past weekend, I tried this recipe with some friends over to celebrate the Feast of St. Joseph. As I sometimes do, I made some changes to the original, and since the weather was nice (but cold), I decided to cook them on the grill.

They were fantastic, and, even though the rest of the food was good, they would have preferred if I just kept making this little pizzas.

Last night, I was asked to...

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Metabolic Syndrome

Tags: Blogging, Diabetes, Fitness, Nutrition, Type-ii-diabetes

March 16, 2011 19:59

The other day, I realized that it had been a very long time since I posted anything about type II diabetes. Recently, one of the people from my church asked me to meet with her.She had just been diagnosed with pre diabetes, and she was scared. She asked if it would be possible to sit down with her and her son to talk about diabetes and how they could prevent it. Their desire to get back on...

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