Take Time To Travel

September 30, 2012 06:34

A good friend of mine is out in Colorado this weekend for a mini vacation.  He hasn't travelled much, and he's out in the Denver area visiting another friend.

I've enjoyed the texts and photos he's sent the last few days.  I can tell he's having a great time, and the thing that he's enjoying most is the beautiful scenery and the regional food he's been trying.  He's got me thinking about my own upcoming trips.

I know these are tight times for a lot of folks, but I think it's important to get out and do some traveling, even if it's simple day trips to somewhere new.  To me, anything that can give us something positive to think about instead of our usual problems is a good thing.  Such trips don't have to cost much, but if you have the funds, think big.  Fall is a great time to travel, since there are usually fewer crowds and the weather a bit more amiable towards sightseeing.

Friends, St. Ignatius told his followers a long time ago how important it was to find God in all things.  Getting out in nature, visiting new places, meeting new people are all ways that we can capture Ignatius' vision and realize it's true.

I pick my friend up from the airport tomorrow night, and I'm looking forward to hearing how he found God out in Colorado this past week.  Knowing him, I'm sure he's coming back with lots of sightings.

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