Remember to Forgive

October 25, 2012 14:09

Over the last few weeks, I've been reminded several times about the importance of forgiveness.

Too often we either refuse to forgive someone for a wrong done to us, or we fail to forgive ourselves for our own mistakes.  We might also feel too uncomfortable to admit our faults and seek the forgiveness of someone else.  Maybe even God?

I think the lack of forgiveness is like a cancer, which slowly eats at us until we can't take it any more.  Is that a way to live?  Can we thrive in such an environment?  Surely, the answer is no.

Fall is a great time for reflection.  Take some time over the next few days and think about the role forgiveness plays in your life.    How could you do better in this area?  Maybe it's time to stop thinking and take action?

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