Peter and Paul

June 28, 2010 21:26

Tomorrow the Church marks the great feast of Saints Peter and Paul.  Years ago, when I was in the seventh grade and getting ready to be confirmed, I chose the name Peter as my confirmation name.  As best I can recall, the sole reason was that Peter and Paul sounded good together.  That's a seventh grader for you :/

It was only in my adulthood that I began understanding the spiritual connection between me and St. Peter.  Like most of us, when I look back on my life, I can see plenty of good choices, but also plenty of bad.  Sometimes, we get caught up focusing on one or the other, either making us feel great, or feeling pretty lousy.

St. Peter had some pretty amazing highs, but he also had some really deep lows.  He's the guy who was right there at some of the greatest moments of Jesus' life.  And in the end, he was the one who denied Him three times.  But in spite of that Jesus loved him all the more, forgave him, and turned him into a Rock.

So, I came to understand what a blessing it was for me to choose Peter as my confirmation name all those years ago, and link his name to my baptismal name.  Peter is a great example of someone on whom the Lord looked mercifully, despite his many failings.

St. Peter and St. Paul, pray for us.

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