I've Got This

January 17, 2014 17:08


There's a boy in my class who has started using the phrase, "I've got this" for just about everything I ask my class to do.

Maybe it's self motivation, or it just might be seventh grade bravado, but a few nights ago he raised his hand to read a wordy and difficult Scripture passage.  He did great, and I could see he was happy with himself when he finished.  He got it.

Over the past couple of days, I've been doing some thinking about this phrase.  For my student, he means what he says, and I can see he believes it.  He's thinking this little thing isn't going keep him from success.

As adults, we know that tough things will come our way.  Maybe an illness or accident, maybe a failed relationship or lost job. Maybe we think we've taken on more than we can handle.

The feeling of being overwhelmed and taking on too much has been hitting me hard lately, especially with my doctoral work.  "Why did you ever take this on?" and "You were crazy for choosing such a big project, one involving a ton of work" are thoughts that keep spinning in my head.  It's called fear.  It's called self-doubt.  St. Ignatius would call it desolation.

But as I continue to work through all that needs to be done, I've been hearing the words of my seventh grade student echo in my ear.  "I've got this."    Yes, he's right.  I really do have this, not only because of my own abilities, but mainly because I'm doing something I know God is blessing.

It's been prayed through, thought out, and discussed over and over again.  Now I just need to buckle down and put it all together.  Yes, I've got this.

Have you been struggling lately?  Maybe you feel stuck and can't seem to find your way.  Or it could be that you're just overwhelmed with something.

Pray about it.  Think it through. Talk your options over with someone you trust.  Then take a risk and move forward.  You've got this.

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