Happy Independence Day

July 04, 2013 08:29


Years before 9/11, I had the chance to visit the Statue of Liberty, climbing all the way to the top and taking in the view from the windows of her crown.  It was amazing, and I'm grateful to have had that opportunity, since, due to  fears of terrorism, such climbs are no longer allowed.  Today, the Statue is open again, having been closed for months because of another attack, this one coming from mother nature: Hurricane Sandy.

I hope a whole lot of people make the trip out today to see the statue up close.  What a wonderful symbol of who we are as a country.  It seems even more so this morning, given all that has been going on in Egypt over the last few days.  This morning, an interim President was sworn in.  Let's pray that the Egyptian people can one day soon experience the blessings that we as a country have received over the past 237 years.  Everyone deserves the freedoms we often take for granted.

:)Happy Independence Day :)

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