Don't Give Up

September 07, 2012 21:54

I was talking with a group of college students tonight, and the theme was the power of prayer.

I shared with them a personal experience of years of prayer for a particular intention, but those prayers seemed to go unanswered.  I prayed.  My family prayed.  My friends prayed.  Nothing seemed to happen.  We got discouraged.  Some stopped praying.  I gave up more than once.

Then some glimmer of hope would manifest, and we'd give it another try.  I'm pretty sure you've had a similar experience, and I hope you stuck with it.

One day, when you least expect it, just when you might be ready to give it up for good, a breakthrough happens.  Your prayer is answered, fully or partially.  Sometimes, the answer might not be in the way you were hoping for, but every prayer gets answered eventually.

As soon as I was done with my story about not giving up on praying for something/someone, a student shared a similar experience.

If you've grown weary with praying for a particular intention, don't stop.  Your prayer might be just the thing that moves things along.  You just never know.  God might surprise you when you least expect it.  When the odds seem stacked against you.  When there seems to be no hope.  That's when you need to double your efforts.  Don't ever give up!

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