Beautiful The Mess We Are

January 19, 2013 21:21


I had the chance to sit down with some friends last week to begin the process of talking through my doctoral project.  We bounced around ideas and concepts from St. Ignatius, Scripture passages, and just general thoughts as to where I should head.

A point we all kept coming back to is that many people who might be drawn to what I have to say and who might consider taking part in one of my retreats will more than likely feel a sense of brokenness.  

In the often difficult times in which we live, it's so easy to blame ourselves for the messes we find ourselves in.  I think that's especially true with those who struggle with many chronic illnesses. In our brainstorming, we all wanted to be sure that my future project and retreat would help people move past the blame and guilt they may feel and move towards the acceptance of God's infinite love.

St. Ignatius would remind us that God meets each of us right where we are.  When I first heard the Amy Grant song below, I was struck by words in the refrain which said, "how beautiful the mess we are."  I think that's just how God sees us.  He finds us in our mess, in our brokenness.  That's when He does some of His best work, don't you think?

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