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November 16, 2011 19:04

I had the chance to have lunch with a young friend today.  He's been working on finding a job for several months now, and he's finally gotten an offer.  I was really happy for him, and to celebrate, I took him  to a local Italian restaurant.

It will take some time for him to actually start, but right now, the offer letter is something to get excited about.

This young man has been a big help to me with Making All Things New.  He's a great encourager, always offering suggestions as to how to get more readers, make things more attractive, and choose the most important topics.

Over sandwiches, he told me about the diabetes that runs in his family.  He mentioned how important it was for Making All Things New to consistently discuss diabetes and other health issues.

Well, I felt pretty bad, because, well, I haven't been especially consistent in dealing with these important topics.  For some, these issues are what brought you to this website.   I'm making a promise to change that.

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, I'm going to be working on  a blogging calendar, so that I can make the holiday food that will be coming our way something to get excited about, not run away from.

Our health is precious, and we need to be as healthy as we can, for as long as we can.  Sadly, many of us have lost our way.  Just sit down in a mall for an hour, and watch the people go by.  It's downright scary.  In fact, I heard a news story the other day that said by  2030, 10% of the population will have diabetes.  Wow.

So, I'm making a commitment to do my part to turn things around.  If you've never read my story, just click the about me tab above.  No matter what your issue may be, there's hope.

I heard something a couple of years ago that validated the title of this blog.  You see, the Scripture passages where Making All Things New comes from (Isaiah 43:19 and Revelation 21:5), is a reminder that God doesn't want to make a new thing.  Instead, God wants to make something new of what He's already created.  That includes you and me.

So, how about it?  Let's make this the most healthy holiday season we've ever had.  I'll do my part.  What about you?

November is Diabetes Awareness Month.  Click here to learn more.

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